Canadian Family Offices

Tough questions to ask prospective money managers for a family office

Part of the due diligence for investors is getting the answers that give them a high degree of comfort with the manager who will be assuming stewardship of their capital

Canso July 2022 Market Observer

“Canadians are not the only investors expecting miracles. Investors around the world are hoping that the huge jump in short-term interest rates is enough to slow things down and get inflation back under control.” Read…
Canadian Family Offices

The human factor: How organizational psychologists can help to preserve and grow family wealth

A chief learning and development office can complement the role of a traditional family office
Canadian Family Offices

UBS 2022 report: Family offices make shifts in strategic asset allocation

Higher inflation, central bank liquidity and rising interest rates are catalysts behind new strategy, with many sacrificing liquidity for returns

Canso April 2022 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“History books will show the official end of emergency monetary policy accommodation to offset the Covid-19 pandemic came on March 2nd and 16th when the BOC and the Fed raised overnight rates. In reality, the…
Canadian Family Offices

Family office software: ‘Time is right for Canadian families to get onboard now’

Canadians have been slow to adopt, but that’s okay because platforms have recently made big strides

Canso April 2022 Market Observer

“The global bond market is experiencing the violence of sharply rising yields. Loose fiscal policy and pandemic government income supports combined increasing demand with reduced supply. Prices are soaring to levels not seen in the…
Canadian Family Offices

Multi- and single-family offices face different – but still critical – staffing challenges

Strong compensation packages must be paired with a positive corporate culture to attract the best talent

Canso February 2022 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“Substantial spread widening and years of elevated defaults often follow periods of market euphoria. While periods of tight spreads and low defaults may endure for some time, we believe there is better risk-adjusted value to…


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