Canadian Family Offices

The rise of family offices is about more than wealth management

A recent panel discussion on family offices looked at the extra steps firms can take to ensure their success
Canadian Family Offices

Panel: Inflation will remain the focal point in 2023

The Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute in Montreal hosted an expert panel on economic forecasts for the year ahead
Canadian Family Offices

An ‘outlier’ year: What wealthier investors are doing, and their plans for 2023

Even bullish investors are shaken, as cash-yielding investments and alternatives move into the limelight
Canadian Family Offices

Wealthy people and family offices: Hackers see you and know you’re not ready

Security tech must be enterprise-grade, and internal controls need to improve, says former Googler and cybersecurity expert Mike Krygier
Canadian Family Offices

Is the bond/equity seesaw broken?

In a high-inflation environment, bond and equity movements may continue to defy expectations
Canadian Family Offices

Why not wine? Cult Wines has become the go-to boutique firm for fine wine investing

Wines demonstrate low volatility, low correlation to equities
Canadian Family Offices

Are predictions of economic uncertainty already baked into bond prices?

To some degree, yes — but true price discovery may be more elusive in bond markets
Canadian Family Offices

Learning from past bear markets can take teeth out of current downturn

By facing down the bear, you can find clarity and solace, and come out the other side stronger
Canadian Family Offices

What the future holds for family offices in Canada

Funda Dilaver, Senior Vice-President of Family Office Services at CEOS Family Office, writes that in recent years, single-family offices and multi-family offices have gone through a surge in their numbers


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