Satellite Orbits – June 2021

When looking to understand recent developments in the space industry – and the significance of changes that have come in part from SpaceX – it is important to first understand how satellites differ from one…

The Space Industry – June 2021

It’s a star, it’s a plane, it’s a…  If you look up at the night sky long enough, a “shooting star” might eventually catch your eye. This point of light is different though, because unlike…

Canso May 2021 Market Observer

The very first thing a university student learns in Economics 101 is that an economy exists to efficiently allocate scarce goods. A corollary is that a financial system exists to allocate the scarce capital of…

Canso April 2021 Corporate Bond Newsletter

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, wherever this note finds you. Governments across the globe are desperate to return life to normal as quickly as possible from the rolling waves…

Canso February 2021 Corporate Bond Newsletter

12 months seems a lifetime ago. Then, across all portfolios, including those with allowances to invest in high yield, we were very conservatively positioned. In expensive markets, capital preservation and liquidity is our imperative. Canso…

The concerns a taxable investor should consider in a low-rate environment

We are joined by Heather Mason-Wood, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer, to discuss the main concerns a taxable investor faces in this low-rate environment. To learn more about the effects of low rates on investing…

Canso January 2021 Market Observer

We welcome you to the “Raging 2020s”. This is the best description we can come up with for what we think will happen in the year and years ahead. But you ask, why “raging” instead of…

Canso October 2020 Market Observer

We write this newsletter with President Trump of the United States back in the White House after being hospitalized for COVID-19. He was reportedly transported by helicopter “while he could still walk” to avoid the…

Market recovery and speculative investors

Jhordan is joined again remotely by portfolio manager Brian Carney to discuss the impact of speculative investing and whether or not there is still value in corporate debt.


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