Canso January 2021 Market Observer

We welcome you to the “Raging 2020s”. This is the best description we can come up with for what we think will happen in the year and years ahead. But you ask, why “raging” instead of…

Canso October 2020 Market Observer

We write this newsletter with President Trump of the United States back in the White House after being hospitalized for COVID-19. He was reportedly transported by helicopter “while he could still walk” to avoid the…

Market recovery and speculative investors

Jhordan is joined again remotely by portfolio manager Brian Carney to discuss the impact of speculative investing and whether or not there is still value in corporate debt.

Canso July 2020 Market Observer

Our last two Market Observers have been polar opposites in their counsel. The January edition was entitled “Full of Bull” and blared caution on the speculative financial markets: Read the full newsletter at the link…

Central Bank stimulus & trading in the credit market

Canso PMs discuss the BoC and Fed’s financial stimulus response to the pandemic and how it’s affected trading in the credit markets.

Canso June 2020 Corporate Bond Newsletter

There is no way to sugarcoat it. The change came overnight. We went from ebullience on the economy and the financial markets to utter despair. Hundreds of thousands have died globally. Millions are sick and…

Credit market volatility & value in corporate debt

We’re joined remotely by Brian Carney to discuss credit market performance, treasury yield volatility and how widening spreads point to potential value in corporate debt.

Canso April 2020 Market Observer

March 31st saw the end of the first quarter of 2020 and it couldn’t come too soon for most investors. It is now hard to believe that the U.S. equity markets reached new highs in February…

The risks of the increasing duration in the corporate bond index

As government bond yields hit all time lows, creditworthy issuers are borrowing for the longest terms possible and index duration is now more than a full year longer than pre-Credit Crisis levels. We address the…


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