Canso April Corporate Bond Newsletter

“At the end of the day, there are borrowers and lenders. Borrowers don’t care if you call your fund private credit, public credit, investment grade, high yield, junior debt, senior debt, bond king, loan queen,…

Canso April 2024 Market Observer

“In contrast to the pandemic and the various financial crises where foolish financial institutions were rescued by central bankers, this time just might be different. Those financial crises were short and sharp corrections and powerful…

Canso January 2024 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“A strong fourth quarter capped off a comeback year in 2023. Risk assets bounced back from disappointing 2022 results…Strong performance of risk assets extended to the below investment grade universe as well. The U.S. High…

Canso January 2024 Market Observer

“The professionals are now forecasting exactly the same thing, albeit a “Recession Light” or more moderate Soft Landing that some are now calling a “Vibecession”, i.e. it feels or “vibes” like recession but isn’t one…
Canadian Family Offices

The List: 72 multi-family offices in Canada

These firms call themselves multi-family offices and do business locally, nationally and even internationally, as compiled by Canadian Family Offices.

Canso October Corporate Bond Newsletter

“The cruel bond summer has turned to fall and with it comes crisp air, falling leaves and pictures of apple picking and bonfires posted to Instagram. For the bond markets, positive returns hang in the…
Market Observer

Canso October 2023 Market Observer

“Now that bond investors seem to have given up hope and are accepting “higher for longer” interest rates, does this mean they are capitulating and/or things are getting interesting for Canso???” – Canso Investment Counsel…
Canadian Family Offices

Canso CEO John Carswell on the allure and risks of private markets

Less-sophisticated investors have jumped into private investments, but the devil is often in the fine print
Canadian Family Offices

Inflation: Don’t celebrate just yet

The Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. team analyzes whether investors should curb their enthusiasm.

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