Canadian Family Offices

Canso CEO John Carswell on the allure and risks of private markets

Less-sophisticated investors have jumped into private investments, but the devil is often in the fine print
Canadian Family Offices

Inflation: Don’t celebrate just yet

The Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. team analyzes whether investors should curb their enthusiasm.

Canso July 2023 Market Observer

“We contrarily believed that there had been so much money created in the central bankers’ pandemic panic that it would take some time to sop up the excess money in the monetary system. So far,…

Canso July 2023 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“If the inversion in the yield curve is signaling recession and lower rates, the high yield market did not get the message. Tightening credit spreads have pushed further inside of the historic average and further…
Canadian Family Offices

The rise of family offices is about more than wealth management

A recent panel discussion on family offices looked at the extra steps firms can take to ensure their success

Canso April 2023 Market Observer

“As ancient soothsayers used to say about their crystal balls or braziers full of chicken bones in movies, “all will soon become clear”. Right now, things are as clear as mud, so we’ve got our…

Canso April 2023 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“Bond markets are hoping (desperately) that Spring will deliver the conditions that will ultimately lead central banks to relent. As investors try to make sense of the volatile feelings of the bond market, and ever…

Canso March 2023 Market Observer

“The financial markets are like spoiled children in the back seat of the monetary car, constantly asking “Are We There Yet?” and complaining vociferously that we are not. Worse yet, the central bankers driving the…

We need more women in capital markets – and here’s how we can get there.

We know diversity of thought makes for better boardrooms, but systemic challenges are still keeping talented women out of the C-Suite. The Financial Pipeline spoke with some industry leaders about the need for more women in capital markets – and what we can do to get them there.

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