Canso April 2022 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“History books will show the official end of emergency monetary policy accommodation to offset the Covid-19 pandemic came on March 2nd and 16th when the BOC and the Fed raised overnight rates. In reality, the…

Canso April 2022 Market Observer

“The global bond market is experiencing the violence of sharply rising yields. Loose fiscal policy and pandemic government income supports combined increasing demand with reduced supply. Prices are soaring to levels not seen in the…

Canso February 2022 Corporate Bond Newsletter

“Substantial spread widening and years of elevated defaults often follow periods of market euphoria. While periods of tight spreads and low defaults may endure for some time, we believe there is better risk-adjusted value to…

Canso January 2022 Market Observer

“Some of the digital assets and associated companies that people are now piling into might stand the test of time. However, we think many investors are going to learn the hard lesson that no matter…

Canso December 2021 Market Observer

“We were waiting for the markets to settle down and obviously, they haven’t. Frankly, most of our tardiness stems from our astonishment at the present madness in the financial markets.” Read the full newsletter at…

Canso October 2021 Corporate Bond Newsletter

Jeff Bezos declared the few short minutes aboard his New Shepard space capsule his “best day ever!” which is really saying something given he’s the world’s richest person and father of four children. Others recently…

Canso July 2021 Corporate Bond Newsletter

There is hope for us all, if sports are our guide. Montreal made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. England hosted the Euro Cup and made it to the final. The 2020 summer Olympics will…

Satellite Orbits – June 2021

When looking to understand recent developments in the space industry – and the significance of changes that have come in part from SpaceX – it is important to first understand how satellites differ from one…

The Space Industry – June 2021

It’s a star, it’s a plane, it’s a…  If you look up at the night sky long enough, a “shooting star” might eventually catch your eye. This point of light is different though, because unlike…


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